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What is an Oracle?

An oracle is a person, acting as a medium or channel,
through whom divine guidance is provided as insightful counsel.

A deck or collection of cards, often specialized in design,
used as a personal exploration tool or as part of a ritual/practice. 

On every level of personal development, you need space for the unexpected, for inner reflections, and divine inspiration; to find solace from all of the noise outside and to shift your focus inward.

My Elemental Abundance oracle cards are a passion project that I crowdfunded in 2016. This 54-card deck brings science and spirituality together for your highest good by integrating affirmations, energetic elements, chakra centers, numerology, archangels, tarot, and journal prompts. 

Get the Insight Story

** Please note, these readings are not to be considered medical or psychiatric treatment or suggestions. They are simply messages to help you tap into your Inner Wisdom, understand your thoughts, and make your own decisions for the highest good of all involved. **

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