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Pebble Beach
This is the face of #depression
This is the face of #suicidefailure
This is the face of #hardinnerwork
This is the face of #resiliance
This is the face of #transformation
This is the face of #hope 

How May I Be of Service?

Hey, Beautiful! I'm Mia

I'm an intuitive counselor and natural healer living in Charlottesville, VA.
My work in the world is to lead people toward healing and happiness.
In my holistic wellness practice, we focus on discovering your purpose and possibilities, then clearing away obstacles to your potential. 


This is Me

I wish for you to wake up
without the weight on your chest.
I want you to be able to see the full spectrum of colors, not just grey.

I pray that you are reminded of
the beautiful light inside you.
I hope there is someone to hold
your hand as you unsteadily
get back on your feet.

If not, then I'll hold space with you
while you figure things out.

I'm the type of Person who seeks the good in everything, no matter how deeply buried or how covered in muck and tears.

I'm also the kind of Coach who tells you when there's spinach in your teeth or when I think you're bullshitting yourself.


I'm the type of Counselor who will remind you there's a lot right with you; that your own way is often the best way, and that you're a beautiful intelligent soul having a human experience.


I'm the type of Healer who will read your energy field and then intuitively guide you back to the source of your own answers. 


I respect Processes, and adore Rituals, but I'm also solutions-oriented. I look forward instead of dwelling on what has failed. 
I know from experience that faster can work just as well as slow.


I empower you to remember that you yourself created the obstacles and that you are able to make small but significant changes that have a ripple effect throughout your life.

I was 5 the first time my father beat me with his belt. After that, Daddy became the center of my whole world: How was his mood? Did his voice just change? What did that facial expression mean? Was I smelling Jack Daniels or Jim Beam? (That mattered.)

40 years later, when I discovered traditional Japanese energy balancing, the gifts of my upbringing—hypervigilance, attention deficit disorder, and high-functioning anxiety—became my superpowers as a Reiki Practitioner, Metaphysical Minister, Psychic Channel, and Intuitive Counselor.    


Thanks to my overdeveloped empathy and accelerated executive-function processing, I’m great at micro-monitoring situations; conducting threat assessments; observing multiple stimuli all at once; and hyper-focused dynamic problem-solving. 

Through my work, I empower people to change their lives through their energy ...

Favorite Quotes

When you know who you are,
and your mission is clear,
and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will;
no cold can touch your heart; 
no deluge can dampen your purpose.
You know you are alive.
” ~ Chief Seattle
We must face tomorrow, whatever it may hold,
with determination, joy and bravery….
Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.

~ Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium





•KAICHO REIKI™ - Creator, Master Teacher 

•USUI REIKI - Master Teacher

•KUNDALINI REIKI - Master Teacher

•CRYSTAL REIKI - Certified Practitioner

•QUANTUM TOUCH - Certified Practitioner

As a minority woman, I am committed to helping every client, student, and practitioner feel seen, heard,
and included. I am blessed to be of service to you, and will always lead with respect and tolerance.


I welcome transparent communication that helps challenge assumptions regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, relationship status, and developmental ability. 

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