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Rev. Mialena Zachary, CRMT, M.Msc.

Pebble Beach
What is ‘Mental Dancing’?


It’s the lifting of mood, a clarity of thought, and the hope of better. 

It’s an easing of anxiety, a pause from stress, a releasing of pain.

It’s the feeling that your life is (finally) moving upward and forward.

It’s waking up each and every day believing you have options.


Mental Dancing is a state of BEING
and it is everything that I wish for you.

Summer Dip

My Areas of Brilliance

Seeing the biggest picture.

Knowing where the pieces go.

Reframing old paradigms.

Asking the right questions.

Seeking intuitive guidance.

Recognizing potential.

Imagining new possibilities.

Looking beyond the obvious.

Approaching from all sides.

Holding a vision of success.

In Their Own Words

Collette Desroches

Collette Desroches

Entrepreneur; Special Needs Mom / Stress, Focus, and Confidence / Life Coaching. "Mia has an amazing gift for setting ablaze a fire of passion in those around her with clarity and direction. Mia is a coach who cares, pours in, AND draws out untapped potential."

Ryan Pedersen

Ryan Pedersen

Sales Manager; Reiki Practitioner / Anxiety, Relationship issues, Unhappy at job / Energy Healing. “I am grateful to have found Mia as my guide through my journey in learning the arts of Reiki. She took time to make sure I understood everything before moving on. As a beginner to Reiki and Energy Healing, I came out of the first class feeling confident in my ability to grow. She’s a great teacher and I loved every step of my certification!”

Zikii Munyao

Zikii Munyao

Yogini; LGBTQ+ Advocate / Worried about relationship; changes at job / Oracle card reading. "This has to be the most transformative reading I’ve ever had. In so many ways, it has opened my eyes and led me to action. What you do is amazing! I have already recommended you to a few others."

Enrique Navarro

Enrique Navarro

Halfway House Manager / Pain, Life in General / "All the Mia Things". “Me finding Mia was an answer to a prayer. She helped me so much with the pain I was having in both knees and her insights really guided me in the right direction about my job and about my relationship. I most definitely recommend working with her.”

Gina Hodges

Gina Hodges

Graphic Artist, Singer, Musician / Depression / Life Coaching. “Mia caused me to get in touch with my heart and encouraged me to share more of who I am and why I do what I do. Her presence, intuition and passion was inspiring!”

Trevor Garnes

Trevor Garnes

Serial Entrepreneur / Shoulder injury / Energy Healing. “I appreciate Mia. Her energy work helped me with shoulder pain I was experiencing after a weight lifting mishap. After only two sessions, I was able to get back into my regular routine. I continue to seek Mia’s talents with Reiki to keep me balanced and relaxed despite a stressful job.”

If you feel "F*ck YES" then let's deal with your shiFt.
If you're not sure, here are two free ways to work with me:


30 Minutes

Weds at 7pm EST

Tues, Wed & Sat -- US Eastern Time

Zoom & Phone; Charlottesville, VA

Email: Mia@ MentalDancing .com
Text Message: 702-763-2738

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Before you feel like you're between a cliff wall and a crashing wave, you are more than welcome to attend a group coaching circle; schedule an enquiry call, or ask me questions via this form. 

Let's Deal with Your ShiFt

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